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Product information:
---The newest technology of servo drive in the world is adopted on three-shafts and the speed of engraving emboss is 3 times more than any other stepping engraving machine.
--With whole aluminum alloy high rigid structure of aero technology and adopting ball screw imported from Germany and the function of double nuts eliminating clearance, the machine can be operated more smooth,
The X-shaft of which is driven by racks on both sides by double servo motors through reduction gear box, the performance of portal frame for resisting deflection and oscillation is better than driving of central lead screw, the strength and precision is higher than any other type and the square type rectilinear rolling guide is adopted on the three shafts.
--With friendly man-machine interface, it can adjust the engraving speed, cutting depth, speed of spindle motor, integral displacement, crash stop, pause and re-engrave from original point in real time.
Usage localization:
With the vector type high performance frequency converter, WGV1325 has large cutting moment, rapid speed and the torque ratio of main shaft is 50% higher than other products with similar power, so it is suitable for cutting wood, emboss and giant engraving of carpentry.
XYZ Working Stroke : 1300mm*2500mm*160mm
Table Size XY: 1500mm*2800mm,
Lead Screw : Imported ball screw
Spindle Motor:  Frequency conversion water-cooled motor
Speed of Cutting Feed: 60-25000mm/min
Speed of spindle motor : 24000RPM
Power of spindle motor: 3000w
Pace Length : 0.0625mm/step
Repeatable Precision: 0.03mm
Diameter of Cutter 3.17546
Power Supply : AC-220V, 50~60HZ
Selected Parts : Vacuum table
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